The Case of the Lady Who Wasn't
A Heteronymical Tale
"We are close to the close of this case," Inspector Holmes said. "You may believe that the theatre manager is a lady, but I suggest we should converse of the converse."
Smithers was used to Holmes' odd locutions, since he had used the Inspector on other matters.  But this was the most ridiculous thing he had heard from the august detective  since he had come on the case last August.  He warned Holmes, "Sir, I must object to your making this lady the object of improper speculations.  A wise man bases such an accusation on very sound bases."
"Watson has had the manager under surveillance," Holmes responded, "and he observed how she proceeds to pocket half the box-office proceeds each night.  But, my dear fellow, if I may intimate something more intimate, I will divulge the most intriguing aspect of this case.  
“In the course of his project Watson followed the lady to the W.C. and, to put it delicately, he saw a certain something project from under her skirt which left no doubt that the lady isn't one.“
"Aha," Smithers exclaimed, as the implication of the Inspector's words sank in, "the culprit tried to do a number on us to make our minds number."  "Yes," Holmes added, "but now that you have him, his sexual impersonation will compound his felony and help lead him straight to a prison compound."