There's a sewer in the sewer.
  The tower tower needed
a lot of room to maneuver.
  It's now in vogue to refuse the wretched refuse of others' teeming shores.
  For the funeral of the eminent fly tier,
His children felt impelled to light a fire,
And they wept upon his bier,             
Casting flies up tier on tier,           
In tribute to their piscatory sire.        
  A sow who decides to sow wild oats is likely to reap piglets.
  When the girl with legs like Marilyn Monroe's
Wore the sheerest kind of mini-denier hose,   
 No man was a denier                         
 Of the way she could inspire,               
Every male to take a more attentive pose.      
When the old Bedouin tired of Riyadh,
he would desert  it
for his ancestral home in the desert.
  Though the invalid looked pallid,
 Said her lover:
  "Not to worry."
Pessimism is invalid.
When I've sung my love a ballad,
 She'll recover
  In a hurry.
  The young dove dove from on high,
just to prove that it could fly.
  When the Yankees lost their lead,
their standing in the pennant race
sank like lead.
  Glow worms, who're by nature glowers,
 Glory in their powers,             
But if one's incandescence lowers,   
 Mercy! How he glowers!             
  His mother was a great novelist and his father
a famed poet, but despite his lineage,
the journalist son was reduced to being paid
by lineage.
Tie a bow around the bow of your canoe and
you'll be set,
For a great romantic paddle
with a heteronymphet.
  I've never met a liver wire than Dan,          
 A frisky ninety-seven year old man           
Who can jog or dance a jig without a quiver.   
 If you ask him how he stays so young and spry,
 He'll answer with a sly wink of the eye:     
"Good whiskey perks up any fellow's liver."    
  When infant bronchitis
spread through Las Vegas, the croupier took
bets that his baby was croupier
than anyone else's.
  "Oh, what I wouldn't give
for the sake of a cup of sake,"
the tired Tokyo businessman moaned.
  "Mein herr, I indeed sing a great Shubert lied!"
 The Berliner bellowed with pride.             
But when this smug fella performed a cappella,
 We knew he had blatantly lied.                
The bellboy did well
as an air conditioner-demonstrator,
but as a shower-shower he managed
to get himself thoroughly soaked.
  The tree surgeon studied yoga so that
he could become a more limber limber.
  The singer had plenty of ginger,      
But her voice was an eardrum_impinger,
 So torrid and smokey,               
 In high key or low key,              
That her song was a drapery singer.
  The nasty stepsisters ragged Cinderella
about her ragged clothes
until she was in tears about all the tears.
  It is rumored that Paderewski
liked to polish his Polish pate with paté.
  Teen-aged daughter, with aplomb,
Speaks the following to mom:
"Though you exercise with vigor
To retain your youthful figure,
This year's styles appear to be
Less appropriate for you than me,
Therefore, Mummy, I propose
To appropriate your clothes."
While the does doze, the buck does their laundry.
  The tuna was a tenor and the bass sang bass,
but they both could do   
their do, re, mi's swimmingly.
  My candle simply can't be lit.   
 I've tried until I'm licked.   
Some wicked mouse has nibbled it,
 Till it's no longer wicked.    
  The three men who were caught
urinating on the street were arrested,
and these peers were convicted by a jury
of their peers.
  The gentlemen's patent leather shoes
made it patent that he was a fop.
  The drawers are in their drawers,
but the model certainly  isn’t.
  Though the lumberman relaxes
while the loggers swing their axes
As destroyers of a forest of sequoias,
Spotted owls, torn from their axes,
quickly bundle into taxis